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Eating Out Guide and Tips for Success

Summer is a great time to eat out with friends and family. But what about sticking to your nutrition plan/goals for the week? Here are 4 simple things to do to ensure success:

#1. Check the menu: Go online and look up the menu of where you are going to go. In less than 5 minutes you should be able to find several options that will help you hit your protein goals for the day– e.g., steak, shrimp, chicken, lobster…

#2. Go with good people: Make sure that the people you are going out with know what you are trying to do and that they will be supportive. Don’t go out with someone who is going to be a jackass and try to put ice cream in your mouth or who will constantly harass you to “Eat just a bite of my French fries! Eat them!” Life is too short to waste any of it with people like that. The good news is that most people will be supportive, or at least neutral, so why spend time with those who are not?

#3. Drink right: Drink plain tap water, or else order diet soda or seltzer. You most likely don’t want to undo 4 to 5 days of really hard work with a sugary alcoholic drink.

#4. Ask for what you want and tell the waiter what you need or don’t need: Tell the waiter to “Hold the bread basket.” Order a salad or an entrée BUT tell them to substitute broccoli or spinach or steamed veggies for the potatoes (or whatever the starch is) listed on the menu. All decent places will do it – they want to please their customers so you’ll come back again. Speak up and ask for what you want.

* Good Substitutions:

· Mashed cauliflower (instead of mashed potatoes)

· Veggies cooked in butter or olive oil (instead of French fries, chips, rice)

· Lettuce as a wrap (instead of tortillas)

* Don’t be afraid to MAKE REQUESTS!!!! No waiter who is interested in a tip is going to look at you weird or give you a hard time when you say NO THANKS to bread basket and/or chips & salsa. And if they do, don’t tip them well!! They obviously didn’t earn it!

And if you’d like some great ideas for cooking at home check out our Blog. There are tons of recipes and ideas to enjoy!

And if you havent gotten your free copy of our Eating Out Guide – click here! It has a special local section.

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