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Did you eat your eggs this morning? If not, what did you have?

Maybe you think you did not have enough time for a nutritious morning meal that included eggs? With this recipe you can literally have a delicious protein packs, low calorie, fulfilling breakfast in about 2 minutes.


Hard Boiled egg whites x 3
Optional sprinkle of hard boiled egg yolk
Whipped Cream Cheese x 2 tablespoon (I like chive cream cheese)
Low Calorie Bread 1-2 slices (we like Double Fiber What Bread -50 cal a slice)
Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel (optional)
Tomato slices (optional)


1. Toast your bread.
2. While it’s toasting scoop out your egg whites, slice any tomato, have everything on the counter ready to go.
3. Load up your toast!
4. Make sure to grab a napkin – this delicious meal can be a little messy.

Have a great day! I gotta run and make breakfast 🙂

Oh and it’s about 20grams of protein for under 300 calories.

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